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I think of food as a delicious and strong communicative tool.

Even though I didn't assist to culinary school, I was always passionate about food. Since I was a kid I had the opportunity of being my aunt's apprentice every summer (she was passionate about good food and desserts), she taught me some basic stuff. Then I had the opportunity to analyze food industry form the perspective of neuromarketing; talked about ingredients as a tool for activating certain neurotransmitters and employing lights, colors and textures as stimulus to set the mood.

Afterwards me and some friends decided to start a project about food (SEXTO), the name was taken from what Brillat Savarin wrote in his book (The Physiology of Taste). He said the five senses where tools that serve us to interact with the world; so we interpret that there was a sixth tool, the brain, by which we are able to process equally all the information received by the tongue or by the eye. Therefore, food/cooking should be valid medium to communicate important things and not only useful to cover a basic need.

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Una cena muy especial y deliciosa. Los platos muy bien presentados y una excelente experiencia.

Gabriela Perez Sierra - Jun 21 2021

5/ 5

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