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Chef Daniel Bravo

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Traveller from all over the planet, Nurtured by its cultures, environment, farmers, food. Believer in conscious food as the seed for a brighter future

Through 17 years of work as a chef and activist for the Greenpeace organization, I had the opportunity to travel from the Amazon to the Arctic; the Caribbean, Patagonia, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands and more. I have been fortunate to meet and interact with farmers, indigenous peoples and environmental organizations from all over the world; Sharing their struggles and sensitized to their needs. These experiences have nurtured me and allowed me to realize the enormous impact that how we produce our food has on the environment and on ourselves. Often, we believe that we cannot change the world, we believe that what is in our hands is so little and insignificant that it will not have any impact; But in reality, those small actions, those small details of the day to day are what unleash a chain of changes and make the biggest difference. Sowing seeds of life with every little action ...

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