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Chef José Javier Palomino Baez

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Chef José Javier Palomino Baez

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Lover of good cuisine, promoter of roots cuisine, respect for the product, for our culture and for an open kitchen for all!

I have worked with some of the best chefs in the country, Federico López, Vicente Torres, Enrique Olvera, I also had the opportunity to learn from Martin Berasategui (3 michellin stars) I like to make a modern kitchen but based on tradition, giving the maximum expression and respect for the product that I have in my hands, I love the avant-garde, I love the new, reinventing every day, eating is the most important thing for me. Handling fresh produce and providing the best possible quality, my kitchen base is Mexican, but nevertheless I prefer to have a progressive kitchen open to any style as long as it respects the bases.

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