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Chef Juan Escalona

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I am a Chef with scientific training, passionate about food as a cultural and artistic expression. My cooking aims the technical excellence.

I am not an ordinary chef. I have scientific training in Computational Biology (UNAM, Mexico) with a Master's degree in Philosophy (Leeds University, UK), but also I have worked at some of the best restaurants in the world, like Pujol (Mexico), Noma (Denmark), and Maximo Bistrot (Mexico). My work is understood as an intersection between research and cooking. I am a founder member of one of the most ambitous emergent projects in Mexico, called Sexto. I have been featured on Eater (one of the most influential food blogs in the USA, google it as 'El Sexto Colectivo Wants You to Eat With Your Mind'), Food and Wine, and I was also fortunate to be inteviewed on one of my favourite blogs: 'Aesthetics for Birds - Chef Interview: Juan Escalona Meléndez'.

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